HTM's verhaaltjes.

De plek waar je je creatieve ei kwijt kunt. Tekeningen, bewerkingen, verhalen en eigen gemaakte knutselwerkjes kunnen hier worden getoond.

HTM's verhaaltjes.

Berichtdoor thehilversumtigerman » 23 nov 2010, 11:52

heey, ik schijf af en toe wel eens verhaaltjes, nu ben ik voor Engels bezig met het herschrijven van L. Frank Baums: the Tiger's eye. hier de link naar het origineel :
omdat ik niet voltallig Engels spreek, kunnen er spelfouten inzitten,

hier deel 1:

The island of pocofo is divided into two parts, het wilderness and the populated area.
Human population of pocofo is black and never heard of radio or guns. The other half is a dense rainforest wild a lot of wildlife.

Once a time a baby tiger is born. The baby tiger has only one eye. The tigers parents love him. The tigers father said to the tigers mother ‘’he can’t live with one eye, he will end up in someones dinner
The black can easily kill him if they approach by his blind site. That way, ,mosquitoes and mudpooles will do also.

Lets go to the magic maker, said the tigers father. Lets see what he can do. The tigers mother agreed and the three tigers stated to long jurney to the magic makers hut. Hey wizard, do you have a stone eye for my child. Said the tigers mother. ‘’begging your pardon’’ said the magic maker to the tigers mother. ‘’ a stone eye that makes my baby able to see clearly.’’ Said the tigers mother.
‘’I can’t do that, not unless...’’ said the magic maker ‘’ not unless what said the tigers father. ‘’unless I transfer myself in an egg’’ said the magic maker, ‘’ an egg’’ said the baby tiger, ‘’do I need to put that in my eyesocet’’ ‘’ no, no young kitty, what does an egg doe’’ asked the magic maker to the baby tiger, ‘’ it breeds chickens?” answered the baby tiger. The tigers and the magic makers started to laugh , the tigers mother walked to her child and said ‘’ no honey, an eye hatches something’’
The baby tiger started to cry and the magic maker said, ‘’it hatches a tigers eye, if you put it in your eye socket you will be able to see again.’’ ‘’Miauw’’ said the baby tiger and started dancing around the magic makers hut.

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Re: HTM's verhaaltjes.

Berichtdoor Dylanus » 23 nov 2010, 13:39

Je kunt jouw verhalen wel in het Algemene Verhalen topic zetten ;)

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Re: HTM's verhaaltjes.

Berichtdoor Raymondhoek » 23 nov 2010, 15:11

Dylanus schreef:Je kunt jouw verhalen wel in het Algemene Verhalen topic zetten ;)


Heel aardig dat je hem wilt helpen...
Maar voor dit soort situatie's hebben wij de report knop.
Ik wil je dan ook vriendelijk verzoeken deze voortaan te gebruiken en dit aan de crew over te laten.

@ thehilversumtigerman

Als je hier vaker je verhalen gaat posten word dit goed gekeurd,
anders willen we liever dat je je verhalen post in het algemene topic.

Raymond ;)
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Re: HTM's verhaaltjes.

Berichtdoor thehilversumtigerman » 23 nov 2010, 19:28

ben ben inderdaad van plan hier meer verhaaltjes te posten, maar ook andere dingetjes -chris smeele's site
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Re: HTM's verhaaltjes.

Berichtdoor thehilversumtigerman » 03 dec 2010, 20:16

hier deel 2

‘’then transform into an eye-hatching-egg’’ said the tigers father.
‘’no I won’t’’ said the magic maker. ‘’what, why not’’ said the tigers parents angry. ‘’if I do that I will die’’ said the magic maker. ‘’you will’’ said the tigers father. The magic maker panicked and rand circles in the house. ‘’ you will do it yourself, or we will slaughter you’’ said the tigers father to the magic maker. The tigers came closer and they showed there big and razor sharp teeth to the magic maker. ‘’so stupid wizard, transform yourself into an eye, now.’’ Said the tigers father angry. The magic maker thought that it will by very painful and unpleasant to be pooped out of a tigers but and that if he transform himself into an eye-hatching-egg he might be able to see his mother again. So against his will he transformed himself into an egg. The egg was laying there were the magic maker stood seconds ago, the tigers waited and waited but nothing happened. ‘’Than sit on it you stupid cat.’’ Said the egg ‘’’huh, what’’ said the tigers mother. ‘’sit on it bitch’’ said the eye again. The tigers were angry. The baby tiger was tired and wandered towards the egg, before the baby tiger could said miauw he fell asleep on top of the eye. ‘’oh honey, you are a smart tiger’’ after a couple of minutes the egg said crack. The baby tiger freaked out and was launched into the air, hit the ceiling and was stuck there with his head. The tigers parents laughed and took their child out of the ceiling, they put the eye into the baby tigers eye socket. ‘’I can see clearly.’’ Said the baby tiger exited. The tigers parents clapped. And the happy family went back home.

Some days later the baby tiger left its home and started killing every animal smaller then himself. He could not stop it, he had to kill other animals. On the island of pocofo you can only kill animals for food
Because he killed for fun, the baby tiger is banned to the populated side of Pocofo. He found the village of Contoo. He stayed here for weeks and stalked the local population. The humans were scared, the children may not come out of the homes and the warriors were not able to kill the young tiger. In one of the huts a woman and his son lived, the mother heard a tiger outside and fled out of the hut. The son, Titi-Contoo, could not leave the hut and he took his father’s underwear from the ground. And hang it at the entrance of the hut.
The baby tiger came in the hut and smelled the underwear. ‘’oh my god, what a smell’’ said the tiger and he fell down on the ground.
Titti-contoo went to the tiger. The tiger woke up and freaked out. His tail hit titi-contoo in his eye. Titi-contoos eye fell out of his eye socket.
Titti-contoo grabbed his father’s underwear from the entrance and pushed into the tigers its face. The poor baby tiger died. Titti-contoo took the eye from the dead baby tigers eye socket and place it into his own.

Warriors of his clan came running into the hut. One of them screamed ‘’titti, get out of here, the tiger is back. ‘’ no , the tiger is dead, and I killed him, well, my father’s underwear did actually’’ said titti-contoo.

The villagers killed a lot of other people under the lead of titti-contoo. After most of the hostile villages were eliminated the villagers of Contoo wanted to stop, but titti-contoo was a killer, the villagers were angry and burned titti-contoo in a campfire.

The eye shifted owners for a long period of time. At some time the eye was in a deer’s possession. The deer was drinking in one of the drinking ponds in the rainforest. a big spider was climbing onto the deer, the deer was afraid of spiders so he freaked out, he hit a tree with his head and the eye popped out of his eye socket. the eye rolled and rolled into the drinking pond.
The eye transformed in to a fish, the fish farted and farted and in the end the fish pooped out the magic maker.

‘’ gnagnagna, finally. After being burned and dipped in water I am back.’’ Said the magic maker out loud. The danced and ran around the forest. But then the magic maker met the tigers father.
‘’ oh hello there,’’ he said, ‘’the magic maker panicked and said ‘’ ehh, hello kitty.’’
You killed my little child’’ the tigers father screamed.
‘’no, I didn’t do that, the eye did,’’ said the magic maker.
‘’and what was the eye,’’ asked the tigers father.
‘’ehh, an egg’’ answered the magic maker.

The tigers father walked to the magic maker and said ‘’ and you were the egg. I kill you’’ the magic maker ran away and the tiger followed him, after a long pursuit, the magic maker farted and he got launched. After a long flight around the world he collided with a tree.

‘’aha, now I can easily kill you’’ said the tiger. The magic maker was torn to shreds and killed by the tiger. after that moment, everyone lived happily ever after.

Written by: JPA. OTTO© 2010 -chris smeele's site
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